Discussion: Finishing a Series with a ‘Meh’ First Book


Today’s discussion topic will be about finishing a series when the first book was just alright for you.

When it comes to YA books, I go into them with a higher expectation than any other genre, therefore my end rating for YA books is generally pretty harsh. And my reviews tend to be pretty harsh as well. This results in the majority of the books I read in the YA genre ending in 2.5 or 3 stars.

Can you see my dilemma when the sequel comes out? Would you want to read a sequel to a book that you gave 2.5 or 3 stars when you could be reading something else? No, probably not.

This is why I’m at a stalemate. I’m not really sure whether or not it’s worth the time. Most of the time, if I have free time, I will ultimately end up checking the book out of the library or purchasing it for a low price on Amazon. In that case, the book will get read. Other than that, I’d much rather spend my time reading a book that I think I’m going to like. (The one exception being The Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. Alexa just loved it so much; I had to finish it.)

DISCUSSION: what about you? How do you decide whether or not you’re going to continue a series?


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3 thoughts on “Discussion: Finishing a Series with a ‘Meh’ First Book

  1. I used to finish every series I started. This was before the discovery of book blogs and booktube. Now that I’m aware of a whole lot more books, I don’t always finish the series. If I found the first book to be “meh,” I’ll definitely read the second book and then decide if I want to continue on with the series. If I didn’t really enjoy the first book, I won’t even bother with the second book. However, if I really enjoyed the first two books, I’ll usually read the whole series even if I think it’s gone downhill.


    • Really?! I’ve read Everneath and Everbound and LOVED them, but I know how the third is going to end, and I don’t want to touch it. I don’t want my heart to get broken, hahah. And I was the same as you–I used to finish every serious. But ever since booktube and book blogging, I’ve realized that there are so many books to read and that I shouldn’t “waste” my time on books I don’t think I’d enjoy reading.


  2. I actually ran into this issue with a book I recently reviewed, I Hunt Killers. I gave it a Leave It review, but I’ll be reading the sequel. The reason I’ll read past the first “meh” book in a series is if it’s just killing me to know what happens next. Doesn’t mean I’d recommend the series to others, but my morbid curiosity sometimes causes increases in my TBR list.


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