5 Things That I Absolutely Adore When it Comes to YA Novels (heart eyes)

Obviously, if you’re here on this blog, you most likely read YA, since that is 90% what I talk about around here…

And obviously, again, I love YA.

Recently, I’ve found myself embarrassed of YA, which has lead me to write this post about how actually, I love YA. I love the atmosphere, the writing, (most of the time) the pace, the characters–I just love it.

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Why Do I Spend More Time Rereading Old Favorites Than New Books on My TBR?

Raise your hand if you have a rereading problem.


I mean seriously. I literally have almost 200 books that I’ve purchased that need to read yet, and here I sit… Rereading books I’ve already read… Maybe even books I’ve read this year

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Discussion: Finishing a Series with a ‘Meh’ First Book


Today’s discussion topic will be about finishing a series when the first book was just alright for you.

When it comes to YA books, I go into them with a higher expectation than any other genre, therefore my end rating for YA books is generally pretty harsh. And my reviews tend to be pretty harsh as well. This results in the majority of the books I read in the YA genre ending in 2.5 or 3 stars.

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